Refined Air

Proactive A/C System Inspections and Maintenance


Have you ever asked yourself how long has it been since an HVAC company has performed a preventative cleaning or maintenance service on your system? If you are like most people, you don’t think about it until there is an issue. With routine maintenance, small problems don’t become larger or unnecessarily expensive.Cooling and heating systems need maintenance to keep them running at optimal performance. If they aren’t running as efficiently as possible your cooling and heating costs are likely far higher than necessary.


Routine system maintenance checkups and cleanings at the appropriate time and season save you money by preventing the costs of urgent repair service. Preventative maintenance with the right tools and expertise should result in peak performance and can detect signs of potential equipment failures that can be addressed before they become an issue, saving you the agony of being without your ac or furnace when you most need it.
You can count on seasonal maintenance to pay for itself by lengthening the life of your system, stabilizing its reliability, and lowering the running costs by increasing the efficiency of the system.  Refined Air Cooling & Heating’s service brings you further benefits, such as, more consistent cooling and heating, decreased sound levels, and a healthier, more temperate indoor environment. Our unparalleled service and attention to detail makes Refined Air Cooling & Heating the right choice for your HVAC System maintenance.






What do we include in Summer maintenance inspections?

  • Inspect thermostat operation

  • Inspect refrigerant charge and check for leaks (FREON)

  • Disconnect wires and performance

  • Inspect outdoor unit (condenser, coil)

  • Inspect metering devices if accessible

  • Measure capacitor readings

  • Inspect relays and contactors

  • Inspect condenser fan motor amps

  • Inspect discharge pressure and temperature

  • Visually inspect insulation

  • Check temperature drop between supply and return

  • Evaluate the overall efficiency of equipment

  • Inspect air filters including media filters

  • Measure superheat and sub-cool

  • Inspect blower wheel

  • Inspect service valve operation

  • Measure compressor amperage and current

  • Inspect suction and liquid line temperature

  • Inspect condensate drain line

  • Visually inspect air ducts

Note*** If coils require cleaning an additional fee is involved.

Refined Air Cooling & Heating highly recommends regular maintenance inspections of your residential system twice a year to keep it running optimally and prolong the life of your A/C System. Once before the heat of Summer and once before the cold of Winter.

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