Refined Air

Proactive Heating System Inspections and Maintenance

As a Texan you already know that, for the majority of the year, your heater will go unused. So when it does come time to turn on your heater or furnace during those cooler months, you might notice that your heater is making unusual noises; that when you finally turn on your heating system you aren’t getting warmer, or that if it does come on, one area of the house gets hot and other areas don’t. If your heating system seems a below par and you suspect that your heater is not up to its task and isn’t working call Refined Air Cooling & Heating.

What do we include in Winter Residential Heating System inspections?

  • Inspect for burn marks on the side of furnace

  • Inspect for clearance from combustible materials

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for holes, cracks and rust

  • Inspect blower motor, blower wheel and motor amperage

  • Check that gas shut off valve is in good shape and functioning properly

  • Ensure that the gas line is made of proper material

  • Ensure that gas line is hard piped out of furnace

  • Inspect for holes and rust on spots on flue pipe and determine if flue gas is leaking into system

  • Test for carbon monoxide in the flue gas during start up and run time

  • Inspect Condition of flue safety switch

  • nspect that the vent pipe protrudes from the roof

  • Inspect the vent motor to ensure proper operation

  • Inspect the condition of the pilot light ignitor, pilot safety switch and test for a strong blue flame

  • Inspect the condition of the high temperature shut off switch

  • Inspect the condition of the burner safety switches

  • Test furnace door switch to ensure proper functionality, if applicable

  • Test the accuracy and functionality of the thermostat

  • Test for carbon monoxide in the air stream

  • Inspect Temperature Splits

  • Inspect lock screw on motor shift

  • Test for gas leaks

  • Inspect filters

  • Visual inspection of evaporator coil

  • Inspect the upward slope from furnace to chimney


Refined Air Cooling & Heating highly recommends regular maintenance inspections of your residential system before the cold of Winter to keep it running optimally and prolong the life of your Heating System.

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