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Light Commercial HVAC

What is Light Commercial HVAC ?


Commercial cooling and heating systems differ to residential solutions in numerous ways, primarily because HVAC solutions for commercial use need to be larger and more powerful than those used in households. For example, a single split system may not be suitable for a high-rise office block or industrial commercial AC unit. However, such a solution may be perfectly fine for small commercial businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and individual offices within a building.
Deciding which type of HVAC solution to purchase can be challenging, which is why you might benefit from hiring an HVAC contractor to determine your needs. Qualified HVAC specialists will bear in mind your space’s dimensions, climate, insulation, energy regulations, running costs and a range of other factors to recommend the most suitable system for you.
Reduce operating costs and avoid unexpected downtime. Maximize performance, protect your investments and maintain your HVAC budget without surprises. 




Preventative Maintenance for your RTU

During a maintenance service visit, our certified technicians will inspect the following:

  • Coils and Drainage

  • Heat exchanger for any cracks

  • Belts for wear, proper tension, and pulley alignment

  • Refrigerant Charge and oil levels

  • Secure and tighten all electrical connections

  • Conduct Amperage Checks

  • Air Filters and Inlet Screens

  • Fan, Housing, and Motor Brackets


Refined Air Cooling & Heating highly recommends regular maintenance inspections of your light commercial system quarterly inspections and annually preventive inspection on all light comercial to keep it running optimally and prolong the life of your A/C System. Recommended Once before the heat of Summer.

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